Stephanie Lowe Photography | About
Just so you know a little about my photography...

Of course I have always loved taking pictures...especially of my own family! After a while, I found that I had a huge desire to provide beautiful and treasured pictures for others as well. I love images...especially ones which touch the soul. Weddings are so exciting and I absolutely love being a part of them! I love the moments that are created between a new husband and wife, their families, and friends. It means the world to me to have the ability to capture moments that would otherwise have been forgotten!!

And a little about my style...

There is nothing I love more than a dreamy, gorgeous image full of beautiful light with connections and emotions showing through. I work hard to make sure each shot and all your important moments are captured absolutely beautifully! I want you to fall in love with your wedding ~all over again~ each time you view your gallery and albums after your wedding day and throughout the years!

And a little about me!

I have been married for *almost* 15 years to my very best friend! We met in college, graduated the day before our wedding day, and then moved to Tokyo, Japan a month later and stayed there for 5 years! We have been blessed with 5 (!) daughters, 2 of which were born in Japan, another one was our grad school baby born in Pittsburgh, PA, and our last 2 are our Michigan babies! I grew up as a military brat with my father serving in the US Navy. Once he retired, I spent most of my growing up years in Atlanta, Georgia! I love being with my family and feel so blessed and honored to have a job that I can juggle them both! When I'm not behind the lens (or computer ;) ), you can find me hanging out with my husband, chauffeuring my girls to their many activities, laughing with the best girlfriends in the world, or curling up with a coke and a book!